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Dead Bird

버려진 포장용 철사의 금박을 벗겨내 죽은 새를 만드는 작업.

"과연 인간에게, 생물을 생명체라고는 부르지도 못할 만큼, 겨우 숨만 붙어 있는 존재로 만들어 버릴 권리가 있는가? 방종하고 잔인한 수단으로 이 가련한 생명들의 목숨을 끊어버릴 권리가 과연 인간에게 있는가?"
레이첼 카슨, '동물 기계들' 머릿글, 1964

"Has he the right, as in these examples, to reduce life to a bare existence that is scarcely life at all? Has he the further right to terminate these wretched lives by means that are wantonly cruel? My own answer is an unqualified no ...It is my belief that man will never be at peace with his own kind until he has recognized the Schweitzerian ethic that embraces decent consideration for all living creatures—a true reverence for life."
Rachel Carson, from her Foreword to the book Animal Machines, by Ruth Harrison, 1964